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You're busy. You need to relax in a nice hot bath and let your muscles release the stress of too many errands and not enough rest. So in time of the stepping out, let it not be undone by the shock of the cold floor. Uses of Cotton or chenille, a good bathroom rug are a fine thing.

Luxury Bath Rugs

Apart from ensuring that your tootsies are toasty after you skip out of the vat, a bathroom rug must be able to withstand the trials of much moisture. Select bathroom rugs that have a low absorbency rate and are easily washable. You can avoid woven fiber mats, as they are difficult to clean and slow to dry, thus creating a perfect climate for forge. You can choose cotton and chenille as they are in popular category. Generally these products tend to dry out quickly and can be laundered regularly. Recently, bamboo textiles have become available to a wider market as well. Bamboo rugs are just as soft as chenille and cotton, and hold up well after multiple washings.

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We know that French country one minute and mid-century modern is the next. Sound familiar! Bathroom rugs are an inexpensive way for you to switch up your environment. If that cream-colored bathroom mat is looking dreary and drab, opt for a dazzling, deep wine red. Try out a bathroom rug set for even more color. Often, it only takes a change in that splash of color at your feet to re-energize your surroundings. So, switch out that bathroom rug and relax. Feel the soothing soft cotton tickle your toes and turn on the faucet.

Bathroom Rugs Sets

Round Bathroom Rugs

The innovative designs of contemporary rugs are making bathrooms come alive with sassy, savvy, sophisticated styles in today's trend to revisit the roots of abstract impressionism and recapture the excitement of art deco. Some of these contemporary bathroom rug patterns are so unique that they can double as wall hangings. Geometric motifs, lines, in-depth rich colors, splotches of outrageous, bold colors, designs that are balanced and planned, others that appear quite accidentally – these are the faces of contemporary bathroom rugs – exciting bathrooms from unconventional ideas.

Cotton Bath Rugs

Designer Bath Rugs

Attitude Isn't Everything and it may be drama. Contemporary bathroom rugs bursting with attitude can be used to cover up old flooring, protect tile and linoleum from water damage, add warmth to cold bathroom tiles, and inexpensively change the look of bathrooms. A variety of contemporary rug sizes and shapes are available. Everyone loves the look and feel of plush carpeting, but wall-to-wall bathroom carpeting is not practical; it is difficult to clean, and when exposed to water, it can mold and attract an array of allergens. Cotton, polyacrylic and micro fiber contemporary rugs are no-nonsense, easy-care rugs for the bathroom. There is always a need-to-know the basic. Contemporary bathroom rugs made of natural cotton can absorb a great deal of water and resist mildew. Rubber backings prevent slipping and help bathroom rugs to dry quickly. Although non-traditional contemporary rugs can be used in some areas of the bathroom, sink and tub areas demand a rug that is actually designed for the bathroom.

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A variety of textures are available – some so thick and fluffy that they tickle the toes. Check tags: a non-traditional contemporary bathroom rug may not stand up to bathroom messes, and may need to be cleaned professionally. Contemporary bathroom rugs made of easy-care fibers with flexible backings can usually be put into the washing machine and washed on a cold setting with mild detergent. But beware, although machine washable, many rugs with rubber backings cannot go in the dryer. Bathroom rug sets can give a boring bathroom a facelift. Bathroom rug sets add warmth, protect flooring, and tie together the décor of a bathroom by complimenting flooring, wallpaper, paint, curtains and towels. Because of modest pricing, bathroom rug sets can be changed with the seasons, so bathrooms are continuously being rejuvenated. The most popular bathroom rug sets are made of easy-care micro fiber, acrylic or tufted cotton.

Bathroom Area Rugs

If you are searching for the best-dressed bathrooms then pump up the elegance level with 3-5-piece bathroom rug sets. Three-piece bathroom rug sets usually contain a toilet lid cover, contoured rug, and a bath rug. Five-piece sets contain tank cover, tank lid cover, toilet lid cover, contour rug and bath rug. Bathroom rug sets come in a variety of colors, many easily coordinated with bath towel sets. Toilet lid covers have drawstrings so they conform to the shape of the toilet lid, and tank covers prevent tank sweating in the summer. Contour and bathroom rugs usually have non-skid backings; if not, it is suggested that a non-skid liner is used to prevent slipping and injuries.