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Whatever side you take in the nature vs. nurture debate, it is obvious that children learn from their environment. Images are especially important to help young children who are taking their first steps into literacy. That is why classroom rugs are a simple but highly effective way to combine learning and fun for young students.

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The boundary between learning and play isn't as clear for young children as it is for adults. Activities that promote interaction between students and their environment help them to learn new things about the world as a process of creative play. Themed classroom rugs are a great foundation for that process. It is for inspiring imagination with Classroom Rugs.

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These daysí classroom rug themes go far beyond the original logic of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Alphabet and number-themed classroom rugs are still popular, but many other styles are ideal for modern classrooms. For the case of Map, classroom rugs are useful for giving abstract concepts such as nations and continents a tangible reality. Round world maps are globes that students can walk on. A map rug of the United States could be a useful tool for combining trivia games and history lessons.

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For the music, magic sometimes sitting on a themed classroom rug can help a child know that it's time for a particular learning activity. Music classroom rugs are a good example. Images of notes and musical instruments will give students a clearly defined music space for singing, playing, or listening. The same is true of outer space classroom rugs or images of books or crayons.

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In the case of games, many of our most popular classroom rugs feature games such as hopscotch, checkers, tic-tac-toe, or "matching" games. Unlike computer or video games, classroom rug games give young students an activity board with which they can physically interact. Playtime is also more fun with classroom rugs that feature buildings, roads, or home/room designs. So you can consider the measurements approximately 80L x 36W inches for ample fun with 100% nylon with rubber backing to prevent slippage, multi-colored upper- and lowercase letters, numerals, and shapes makes learning numbers and alphabet an active experience with unlimited warranty. Resists soil and stains, spot-clean as needed and meets all ASTM F963 safety standards. This has highest inflammability rating available for safety so suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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If you take the case of foreign languages, childhood is the perfect time to learn a second language, whether it be English, French, or Spanish. Educational kidsí rugs can serve as linguistic tools that feature matching words and images. A child can recognize first the images then alphabets so make scopes for them to visualize then verbalize and lastly vitalize. To learn with language-themed childrens rugs, try making up a story with your child using your native language and a second language. Incorporate images from the kids rug into the story to help your child use that language in a regular conversation.

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A young child who has learned his/her numbers and alphabet is going to have a much easier time with math and reading. To that end, letter and number-themed kids rugs can be used by parents as fun, interactive toys for teaching. For example, a bedtime or group reading that features stories about Thanksgiving or explorers to the North Pole would be memorably illustrated by sitting on a kids map rug together and charting out where the story began and where it ended. So most classroom rugs feature lettered or numbered squares. To solve spelling or addition problems, a child can play with a parent by walking to the rug squares that spell out a word or provide an arithmetic answer. Older or more advanced children can play similar games with phonics-themed kids rugs.