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Colorful rugs are in, especially when they're synchronous designsócolor lover, strong geometrics and dynamic freeform. Crop this group of modern rugs to tie together a contemporary or eclectic fixing. This will be ideal choices for just about any room in the house. Some of the rugs on this page feature a combination of solid twist yarns and fine wool blended with art silk. Doctoral artisanship in the intricate tufting and hand carving make these rugs real works of art.

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The rugs in these groups are listed elsewhere on our heart, but we've arranged them by color here. In specified group, you'll find just a sampling of the variety of contemporary rugs, modern rugs, shag rugs and other mind blowing styles on our page. The rugs have a definite variety in construction and fiber, from handmade rugs to synthetic rugs. If you don't find just what you're looking for, please stay with us online and we'll do our best to steer you to the right colorful rugs!

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From the country-based collection, the colorful rugs are hand-hooked of the finest 100% wool. Featuring delicate petit point hooking, each of these floor coverings offers precise designs with the lovely appearance of needlepoint. You will love the remarkably dense, textured and looped pile, and you are sure to enjoy the rich color and subtle variation this technique allows.

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Discover outstanding selection with manufacturer beautiful floor coverings. Offered in a variety of sizes, this rooster rug provides the perfect fit for any room in your home. You will be able to decorate even those hard-to-fit areas. Choose this Area Rug for its unique selection and delicate design. These classic floor coverings are sure to add warmth and relaxed country style to any living space.

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Lasting performance is found in this vast rug collection of area rugs made with exceptional quality. Bring new life to any room with the engaging colors and plush patterns of these hand-loomed wool round rugs. Area Rugs feature hand carving for added depth. Choose floor coverings from this collection to enhance your home's decor for years to come. All rug fibers experience some shedding or pilling. This is characteristic of all fine wool rugs and is not considered a manufacturer's defect. Contributing factors include the yarn type and the manufacturing process. Machine-made rugs shed less than hand-made rugs. Synthetic yarns shed slightly less than wool yarns.

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Colorful selections offered by their rug collection. This rug collection offers a choice of shapes and sizes - there is sure to be one just right for you. These floor coverings are available in a variety of colors, too. Make your floor coverings today. Colorful Designer Rugs of today's rugs are graphic and saturated with color. Take a tour at some of our favorites. Philosopher inspires the pattern on this rug by the manufacturer. It's also available in persimmon which features brown, yellow, orange and rust. Both look beautiful paired with solid furnishings in coordinating colors. From the Island-Inspiration feel the relaxed feel of a beach vacation to your home with the variety of collection. This rug takes plaid to a new level with bright colors like kiwi, marigold and coral. Pair it with coordinating bedding for an overall tropical feel.

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Colorful rugs have many purposes and usefulness. It may be used in the bathtub, bedroom, living room, dressing room and many more. If you imagine, a nice rug can help you enhance spaces inside your house. Adding some colorful and fervor to your deck or yard is one way to catch the attention of your neighbors. It does not mean that you are a show off person, but this might inspire your neighbors to do the same thing. Just place a simple colorful outdoor rug at the entrance of the house.