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This is where you will find all of the Commercial Rugs you have been searching for and available in all styles and designs, including Commercial Area Rugs and Hotel Rugs. It does not matter what your requirements that will be able to locate the right products, accessories, colors and brands at the best prices online here at your door step.

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If you want to add comfort, protection and slip-resistant safety to indoor stairways with these low-profile scroll-pattern stairs treads. Artist created of soft, premium Microfibres™ with commercial-grade rubber backing and a subtle but elegant raised scroll pattern. It can be secured with carpet tape or finishing nails and can be machine-washed and line dried. Materials can add warmth and style to any home in four to five decorator colors. Each tread has dimensions of 24 to30" long x 8 to 8 1/2" wide. Printed on the same machines that manufacture one of the world's leading brands of printed commercial carpet, these printed rugs are extremely durable and vibrant. This technology allows the use of multiple colors to create a rug that is wonderfully designed and applicable to almost any room in your home.

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Entrance mats are the unsung heros of your commercial facility. Commercial Floor Mats trap dirt and moisture before it can be tracked inside. Keep your floors looking like new! Moreover, make your entrance look great. Anti-Fatigue mats increase the comfort and productivity of your workforce. Make your plant safer and more comfortable, with resilient PVC-rubber bases and fluid resistant non-slip surfaces. WaterHog™ mats are an industry leader in quality entrance mats. Our mats are designed with a "water dam" edging to trap water within the mat, making sure no water escapes on to your carpet or flooring. Protect the floor, maximize comfort, and improve safety in high-traffic areas. In any athletic facility, safety must come first. Slippery floors are a prime liability that can lead to serious accidents and injuries at your gym. Around locker rooms, pools, and the gym area itself- use a mat to prevent a spill!

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Non-slip and wet area mats are built for wet environments: every gym pool and locker area can be a potential liability without basic protection. Modular mats and open matting give you the freedom to custom-lay soft mats to fit any room or environment, making them an incredible investment that makes a positive impact on your health club, gym, or other establishment. Keep your runners running and your swimmers swimming by protecting them in every wet area in your facility - invest in durable, colorful safety mats to take your gym to the next level.

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Enjoy the comfort and simple design of SoftFloors™, the original interlocking foam mats. These interlocking mats are suitable for your home gymnasium or large-scale featured area, wherever foam flooring can make a balance. Specially given foam makes a strong cushioned surface that can resist unnecessary fatigue on the hard-floored exercise area. Each 22 interlocking foam rectangle is lightweight with a definite thickness, and is available in assorted colors to bring a specialized looking for your exercise flooring. Soft Carpets from SoftCarpets™ are the exact combination of durability and suitable for residential, commercial and or industrial applications.

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Specially designed, PP commercial rugs and carpet is firmly bonded to our closed-cell EVA Foam Rubber, making SoftCarpets™ Lightweight, Portable, Waterproof, Soundproof, Aerobic, Insulating, and Shock Absorbent. With all of these features, SoftCarpets are the actual carpet mat for your office or industrial area! Even if you want more comfort, Jumbo Reversible SoftFloors give you the best in two-sided design with the toughest EVA foam that makes the Jumbo superior to all SoftFloor mats. If you need additional comfort and long durability for a busy workout area, choose Jumbo two-sided mats for the ultimate interlocking working mat.