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Spare more time to live in the country! Possibly, you belong to the city but want to feature a country interior as a retreat from the crowded and noisy city animation. Your country style may be sometimes casual, sometimes decorative, but always on warm, cozy, and inviting.

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Country area rugs can be a lovely way to introduce some features of the style with committing to the whole look even if your room or home isn’t designed in the country style. Country area rugs look appropriate at home with lots of natural wood furniture with a soft distinguished and worm look, causal supplements with chips and cracks, and sheer breezy palls that look fresh and sharp.

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It does not matter where you live, you can paint a bit of the southwest flair to your home with southwestern area rugs. On continuing unique style, the combinations of geometric patterns with bold colors, is a latest trend. If you are interested in a southwestern area rug and you already, have some southwestern design in your home then go forward. If not, you can make a southwestern rug fit into your décor by generating southwestern decorative pillows, a southwestern styled throw, a natural wood side or coffee table, or interesting round shape cactus plants. You can try navajo rug that can also add a southwestern flair and build warmth to your room. Creation of warm and colorful environment can be completed by giving the touch of southwestern style.

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Turn the fresh breeze on adding New Country Area Rug, which is beautiful, plush, and features a vibrant contemporary color palette ranging from soft to deep shades. From the Gorgeous selection, this unique floor covering is suitable for your bedroom or family room. This contemporary rug is featuring of a patchwork of different, complementary designs in warm gold, bronze, deep red and green. Country Rooster Area Rugs are commonly from hand-hooked with meticulous, petit point to point stitches. Solid fields feature centralized with floral wreaths. Borders have foliage, and scrolls interrupted by roosters. Wool area rugs are 0.5" thick. The borders have floats, foliage, and scrolls interrupted by roosters. Solid outer frames follow narrow rope borders and colors include sage, moss, paprika, chocolate, rose, and Williamsburg blue. With latex backings are finished with cloth coverings.

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You have to vacuum your rug regularly. Rotate your rug annually. In case of minor spills, clean immediately by blotting with a cloth or sponge. We suggest professional cleaning by a rug cleaner. We also recommend the use of a rug pad to protect the rug and the underlying surface and to prevent color transfer. Do not place the rug in damp areas or moisten the rug with liquids, as dampness may cause deterioration. To help protect the backing, roll the rug when storing; do not fold. To help prevent fading, do not place the rug in areas of direct sunlight. For rugs used over carpeting, do not conduct any cleaning prior to removing the rug, and do not return the rug until completely dry. When people think of country area rugs, they usually think of rugs with a certain look or feel. Braided area rugs come to mind as the most popular style of rug that has a country look. Originally made from rags and/or material scraps, braided area rugs were used as floor coverings during colonial times and by settlers as they moved westward across the United States. The braided area rugs of recent years are made from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, nylon, and polypropylene. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes and they’re very durable.

Traditional rugs, such as Persian rugs and Oriental rugs usually have more of a formal look, while country area rugs have an informal look and blend right in with almost any type of home decorating. Some country area rugs feature designs with fruits, vegetables, vines or floral designs. Earth tones as well as shades of blue, red, yellow, and green are the colors most often seen in country area rugs, although I have seen braided area rugs with a touch of lime green or hot pink that still have that country feel. Animals are another design feature often seen on country area rugs. It might be a rooster or some other farm animal or a wildlife scene with a duck or a deer. These examples of country area rugs combine two country style elements in one rug. One is a braided area rug with a rooster and the other is a braided area rug with a vine design in the center. Some contemporary style rugs can also be described as country area rugs, since they have a look or overall design that allows them to classify in either category. The same can be said of some Southwestern style rugs.

People tend to think a kitchen and/or dining area is the most likely place to see country area rugs, but many of these rugs look great in any room of your home. If you like braided area rugs and want to have that look carry over into other parts of your home decorating, you’ll be glad to know that there are chair pads, trivets, and individual stair treads to match a wide selection of braided rugs. The individual stair treads can be rectangular or a wide oval shape. The chair pads and trivets are available in square or round shapes. You certainly don’t have to live in the country to have a country feel in your home. When you add rugs to your home decorating, you can have any look or feel you want and country area rugs provide just the look that many people find appealing.