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Decorative Area Rugs

Welcome to our area rug gallery at decorative area rugs. We present you the world’s finest quality and the best designs available in contemporary decorative and area rugs. You will find a large selection of contemporary, traditional, children's and educational rugs as you shop our gallery.

Milliken Area Rugs

In our contemporary collection, you can see a wide selection of quality and style from producer of a leading industry manufacturer of contemporary area rugs as well as modern area rugs. F.Accents area rugs are widely accepted for their bold and vivacious colors, which are the milestone of their beautiful collections. F.Accent Rugs manufactures and imports their area rugs from over thirty international destinations. Their rugs run from handmade to machine made rugs. Their collections and stocks of contemporary and modern area rugs also include hand woven and hand knotted rugs. Included in the mix are flat weave area rugs that typically display the transitional to modern look F. Accent Rugs has become famous for decades. F. Accents are also a forerunner in the methodology of various yarn systems when it arrives to the production of their rugs. Decorative Area Rugs are available in wool and synthetic all of which are rich in both feel and look.

Nursery Area Rugs

Rustic Area Rugs

In our Disney Classic Style Rugs, we are featuring Walt Disney Signature Rug Collection from the Rug Market. Disney Collection rugs are hand crafted from a long tradition of master weavers and include the use of New Zealand wool and viscose silk combined beautifully in modern patterns reflecting today's elegant style. The Disney Collection has smooth velvet textures and rich silky accents that are the hallmark of these Walt Disney Signature rugs. From sophisticated classics or royal touch to the whimsy Disney is known for, there is an area rug for any room in the house!

Bedroom Area Rugs

Octagon Area Rugs

Featuring of antique inspired designs and elegant color combinations on our traditional area rugs is mature enough. They are made of 100% pure New Zealand wool, and make great additions to any living room, bedroom, and home office or any room in your home! In our Kid's Rugs Collection, we feature contemporary kid's rugs, which add fun and character to a child's bedroom, bath or playroom. Select a kid's rug by choosing a decor theme, or an activity your child enjoys. You are sure to find a kid's rug that is decorative or for play that your child will love! Artists with love design each kid’s rug, and individually hand hooked using hand-dyed wool for brilliant colors. Our educational rugs are right choice for children in classrooms, daycares, or any room where learning is important part. Sometimes called "teaching rugs", an educational rug can help children learn the ABC's, 1, 2, 3’s, Spanish, sign language, math, games, geography and much more!

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Area Rugs Seattle

We feature Teebaud® rug pads because we use them in our home and our customers love these rug pads. These advanced technology Teebaud® rug pads prevent a rug from wrinkling, buckling, crawling or moving on any type of flooring carpeting. Our Teebaud® rug pads are made from two nonwoven polyester fabrics that are permanently needle-punched together. The rug pad will not prepare for crumbling or shedding fibers. Our Teebaud® rug pads cushion rugs and deliver continuous airflow, preventing fiber damage and unwanted moisture and mildew buildup.

Lodge Area Rugs

Unique Area Rugs

Living Room Rugs

A fabulous old world yet new and hip feeling floor rug, document in cream and brown. This beautiful accent rug is a wonderful addition to your fashionable decor. Featuring scrolled writing in brown on cream, this tufted acrylic rug is available in the sizes listed on right side from Amazon and poly-acrylic accent rug that makes a wonderful addition to your fashionable French or Parisian room. Featuring a chic, French address this rue de Paris accent rug is available in the sizes listed from Amazon.

Striped Rugs

Art Deco Rugs

Mod accent rug featuring various hanging lanterns on a black background is another beautiful rug from the rug market. Excellent quality, beautifully designed of tufted poly-acrylic this decorative floor rug measures 5 x 8 and features as you observe, teal, purple and mustard on black. We are here to serve you, our customers, and we want to thank you for your shopping with us and for visiting decorative area rugs!