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Geometric Rugs

Geometric area rugs bring a sleek, modern look to your floors. Geometric rugs are rugs of contrast. The crisp lines, triangles and angles create rugs of interest and power; whilst gentler circles and curves provide a soothing harmony. No matter the atmosphere you wish to create in your room a geometric rug has the essence to deliver.

Circle Rugs

Discover geometric rugs in a rich palette of colors ranging from modern vibrant hues to soft understated pastels and earth colors. Whether you desire symmetry or abstract these rugs will work perfectly in any room of the home. Ideal for making a statement about your personality in your living room or for a visual feast in the den - no matter the situation a geometric rug is a clear reflection of your creative personality.

Octagon Rugs

We dare you to only run your hand over the velvety pile of this rug once. You will fall in love with the softness of this pure wool rug. The creative hand carving produces an inspiring 3D look. Designed in dramatic black and grays this rug will make a powerful statement when teamed with modern furnishings. The circles produce a softness which will balance out the harsh lines of your sleek furniture.

Dynamic Rugs Allure 1909 Blue is a must-have home decoration. With its vibrant shade and soft texture, it is an instant eye-catching piece, perfect for the receiving area, family room and bedroom. Made of 100% wool and skillfully handcrafted, this rug is sophistication at its finest. The rich chenille, sheen artsilk and plush wool give this rug the softest texture you can ever imagine. Designed to suit a modern home, a traditional home theme can still benefit from its fine hand carving and subtle sheen. The blue color of Allure Rugs easily goes with almost any interior. This rug will set a soothing ambiance to your home.

Rectangular Braided Rugs

This amazing modern rug is hand-tufted and hand-carved in authentic un-dyed sheep wool. The natural wool shades are interrupted occasionally with splashes of aqua dyed wool, which brings this rug to life. The circles and sphere give a relaxed impression but the skillful hand carving brings out the spontaneity of the piece making it the ideal rug for the modern home. For added dimension to your room, team this rug with 'Ivory Swirls', a rug that uses the same colors but in a different design. The two would look stunning together in a large room, helping separate areas but unite in decorating theme.

This rug is the epitome of the perfect combination of a warm rich hue and a natural tone. It shows the neutral color - cream in its appealing variants with its natural shade as the primary color complemented with its gradations seen in the rug's designs. This is made possible by a special double pointing technique that results in a palette of differing shades. Who says neutral cream is boring?

Oval Rugs

Circular Rugs

Such an area rug only boasts of stylishness and a contemporary look. It can easily become a modern room's focal decoration. Paired with other modern furnishings and it can further emphasize the contemporary theme of your design. The area rug is made using 100% Excel on heat-set polypropylene yarn giving it its soft and reliable pile retention. Furthermore, it has anti-static and colorfast features. Manufactured on Wilton Looms in Belgium, this rug guarantees high quality and impressive style. This ivory white area rug will make a stunning addition to your décor. By using pure un-dyed wool; master craftsman hand tufting; and meticulous hand carving this geometric rugs is a piece to behold. Soft curves within cubes creates an eye-catching design and the multilayered carving creates add visual appeal. A contemporary white area rug for those that are looking for handmade quality and natural appeal.