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Busy kids are happy and mentally healthy kids, so let's get them busy on these activity/game rugs! They'll have a ball playing and learning motor skills on these rugs. Check out all the types and styles of our activity rugs.

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Kids love interacting and playing on classroom rugs. Add games, learning concepts, and a burst of style to any room with these decorative rugs. Find the perfect rugs here. You'll love our huge selection of sports rugs. From surfboard-shaped rugs to favorite team logo rugs, you don't have to be a kid to enjoy! Whether you're redecorating a children's room, protecting the floors of a playroom, or simply adding some life to your kiddo's bedroom, adding a kids rugs is an easy way to give any space a new look. Adding a kids rug for fun or for functionality will certainly enhance the space in which your little ones enjoy playing, napping, wrestling, lounging, and being little busy.

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In this article, you'll read about some rug shopping points that you may not have considered previously, such as pile length, stain-proof kids rugs, the size of a kids rug, rug pad and carpet safety, and tips for shopping for kids rugs on a budget. For example, were you aware that pile length can make a difference when shopping for a kids rug, or that certain types of rugs offer more bang for your buck when shopping on a budget? We hope these tips will be helpful in finding the perfect kids rug for your tot's bedroom, playroom or any other room in which kids will be kids. With the right knowledge, buying a kids rug is a fun and easy experience that you're sure to not only enjoy, but benefit from.

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You may be weighing the advantages and disadvantages of carpet tiles versus kids rugs, and in this article you'll find lots of helpful information that can help you make your decision when purchasing. There are many things to consider when choosing flooring for your children's play areas or bedrooms, and it's true that one option or another may be a better choice for your situation. You'll read here why either carpet tiles or a kids rug might be a better choice for your room, depending on your taste, room size, or room traffic!

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If your kids or students are like most, you definitely see some high-activity traffic in your classroom or playroom. In this article, we'll give you an idea of how best to take care of your kids rugs so that they stay looking great through it all! You'll read about routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, and emergency maintenance, and you're just a few minutes away from being an expert in the preparation and protection of your kids rug!

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In this article, you'll read about classroom rugs and how they can be highly beneficial in a children's learning environment. Explore a few different types of classroom rugs, such as maps, music-inspired, and game rugs, as well as other imaginatively themed rugs for the classroom. You'll get some great ideas for your own classroom, and your students will definitely thank you!

Make learning enjoyable outside of the classroom with the help of an educational kids rug! In this informative article, you'll learn how to make learning not only fun for your children, but easy with a kids rug! Read on to find out more about kids rugs that will undoubtedly inspire your children to learn more about letters, numbers, foreign languages and world geography! Here we offer a large selection of childrens area rugs in a variety of colors and styles. Choose from an assortment of kids rugs, Nursery rugs and kids area rugs from the Learning Carpets kids rugs brand featuring interactive designs that provide hours of imaginative fun for kids.