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Leather Rugs

The compilation of original hair on processed hide leather, as well as organic leather, in their infinite mutants of colors and patch cuts, laser cut designs, result in an infinite number of spectacular Leather Rugs to decorate any room or office.

Cowhide Rugs

The presentation of Traditional Patchwork Leather Rugs is here for your consideration.Natural cowhides are unique, as no two hides are the same. Leather rugs are hand made by expert designers. The added combination of genuine hair on super finiflexed hide leather or different plain leather finishes, colors and different patch cuts, result in a wide variety of mind-blowing leather rugs.

Sheepskin Rugs

Bear Rugs

Eco Friendly Patchwork Leather Rugs is here for you.Hand made by South American artisans, the combination of square vaqueta (organic leather) patches creates a very natural and distinctive look. Basket Weave Leather Rugs exclusive Basket Weave Leather Rugs, manufactured by expert artisans in the traditional South American adds that very distinctive touch that decorators and interior designers seek. Natural Cowhides come in a variety of colors that include solid black, solid white, solid grey, black and white, brown and white, as well as a number of iridescent tones.

Hide Rugs

Bring natural texture and softness to your floor with our affordable selection of leather area rugs. Whether you'd like to add a modern touch with a leather shag rug or add the casual elegance of a transitional leather rug, we have the options for you.

Zebra Skin Rugs

Leather Shag Rugs

Many of their leather rugs are handmade to provide exceptional quality and are inherently durable. You'll love the wide variety of sizes, colors and shapes available to your consideration. Durable as they are striking in design, the wide collection of leather rugs are meticulously made by hand-weaving leather strips as the weft of the rug and a fine cotton strand as the warp, resulting in a beautiful, rustic texture and interesting natural braided pattern. Add the smell and feel of real leather to any room with this rich earth brown hand woven leather rug. Made of soft leather interwoven with a cotton foundation, this rugged rug makes sense ecologically, aesthetically, and economically. Hand made in villages of North Central India, their earth brown leather rug has slight accents of lighter shades of brown throughout the rug. An elegant complement to any decor, this leather rug is completely reversible and extremely durable.

Skin Rugs

Lambskin Rugs

If the choice is Safavieh Leather Shag Collection, then its soft, luxurious strips of genuine leather is the perfect, modern accent for your home. Each leather strip is hand-tied to the sturdy cotton backing, ensuring high durability and a long life. The warm colors and soft feel make this the perfect rug to fill that empty space in your home or office premises.

Faux Sheepskin Rugs

Cheap Cowhide Rugs

Hand stitched, genuine leather quality meets contemporary design with this Original Leather Area Rug. It will be the perfect compliment to your already stylish decor and is sure to impress your family and friends. Design embodies it all: elegant, bohemian laissez-faire chic combined with laid-back hip ness. The skins are carefully selected and sewn in a patchwork pattern, with natural variations of color and texture adding to the leather rugs charm. Its resilient surface features anti-static qualities and is even suitable for floors with ambient floor heating. Select from five standard sizes and three colors. Please consider due to the nature of the material used in this product there might be slight variations in color. You may request for custom sizes and colors of your choice.