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Natural Rugs

Here is good news for Environment Lover and who have fond of natural rugs. Our commitment to using natural, sustainable and renewable fibers for our natural rugs guides our business practices and keeps us mindful of our environmental footprint. Our natural fibers are selected from trusted partners who produce the finest materials available resulting in the finest natural fiber rugs available in the world.

Jute Rugs

Are you looking for Seagrass Natural Eco Friendly Contemporary area rug - Seagrass Area Rug with Khaki border; Seagrass is an abundant marine grass whose fibers is thick, flat and smooth and offers extraordinary durability. This natural rugs features a classic basket weave pattern and a non-slip latex backing; Non-Slip latex backing applied to rug; Here you can find most stain-resistant and durable natural fiber rug ; 100% cotton border; Spot clean with mild soap and water and donít go for bleach.

Cotton Rugs

We are proud to create natural rugs from these fibers. Our natural area rugs are made from rapidly renewable materials that come from plants like sisal, jute, abaca, seagrass, or source from coir and paper and animals (such as wool) due to the many advantages they have over synthetic rug materials read about (sustainable rugs). More information about each of the fibers used in our natural rugs can be found below:

Bamboo Rugs

If you have fond of natural abaca rug fibers then here it is for you. Part of the banana family, abaca is considered the strongest of all natural fibers, and we harness that strength in our natural area rugs. The dramatic range of natural colors Ė from the glossy, white inner fibers to the dark, coarse outer fibers Ė and variation in texture make abaca uncommonly beautiful as natural fiber rug. There are no dyes used in our abaca products and no backing materials other than abaca area rugs are non-natural. If you have lots of love of natural jute rug fibers the sure, you like this. Jute is a soft, flexible and hardwearing fiber that is well suited to a natural area rug or floor covering material. Distinctive 100% jute natural fiber rugs are woven in India and will resist that turns clods in your mind, thanks to the abrasion-resistant properties of the fiber. Jute fiber is considered an eco-friendly material that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Jute yarns used in Merida's natural fiber area rugs are free from dye.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Here is another review on natural paper rug fibers as a truly innovative use of a familiar material, Merida's distinctive paper products begin with virgin wood sourced from sustainable, managed forests in the U.S. The paper yarn is created by twisting strips of paper on a high-speed twister that produces firm and strong paper cord that is then woven together to create a beautiful yet natural rug. During this process, a wax emulsion is applied to the paper to help it spin smoothly, also adding to the yarn's water resistance. This construction results in an uncommonly strong, durable natural fiber rug that is smooth and soft underfoot. For those who care for natural wool rug fibers. Wool is a renewable, biodegradable natural fiber that has natural insulating properties to help retain heat and increase cooling effectiveness. Wool yarns are made from a blend of different New Zealand wools in order to incorporate all the characteristics of the best carpet yarns: crimpy wools add resilience and bounce to the carpet, while the longer, coarser wools contribute character, luster and abrasion resistance. Among the natural rug fibers, wool stands out as the classic rug material, being tough yet flexible and resilient, soft underfoot, and easy to dye any color in the world. As an innovative rug producer, prides itself on its environmentally responsible production methods: no internationally banned pesticides are used on the New Zealand sheep farms where their wool is obtained from, and the scouring process employed to clean the wool is extremely energy efficient. Check out the Green Label plus Certified wool carpet from producerís new pure collection.
Please look on natural grass rug fibers. Seagrass can be found around the world and is known for retaining its fresh, grassy scent long after it has left the field. The natural fiber is rarely dyed, partly because its natural colors are so varied and attractive, but also because it effectively repels moisture. When seagrass is woven into a natural rug, the result is a highly spill-resistant, durable, resilient natural fiber rug that is comfortable underfoot and retains the fresh look of the outdoors. Seagrass products bring a touch of exotic elegance and unusual texture to any room. Letís go on hemp material. This hemp can grow to between 2-4 meters high, making its fibers among the world's longest soft natural fibers, perfect for natural fiber rugs. Hemp is a long, strong and durable fiber that can be made into fabrics, textiles, paper, plastics, fuels, detergents, cosmetics and foods. Because it does not attract pests, hemp does not require the use of pesticides, making it a very environment-friendly crop. For your interest on natural sisal rug fibers that is obtained from the agave plant and Merida Meridian sources the world's highest quality sisal, the longest, finest, and whitest fiber, from the agave plantations of East Africa. Our Producer superior spinning capability results in strong, lustrous yarns. Sisal natural fiber rugs are naturally sound-absorbing, antistatic, and extremely durable due to the inherent qualities of this tough, hardwearing fiber.

Silk Rugs

Sisal is a sustainable and renewable source of woven floor covering material and is a more environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic substitutes. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in sisal production, and most weeding is done by hand rather than using herbicides. When choosing quality natural rugs, materials are everything. Make sure that the area rug you purchase is only made from the finest materials. Never settle for less-than-quality materials if you are looking to find the best rugs. Both machine-made and handmade area rugs can be found with high quality, imported materials; you just need to spend some time looking for them.