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Patterned Rugs

Your pattern rugs not only have unique contemporary patterns but it has unique protocol, too. These rugs are containing the use of combination of hooked wool patterns and tufted wool patterns. Each area rug in this collection is truly carrying a distinctive in pattern, texture and quality. Each is made with the best quality, high-lanolin wool so stay tune with us and start dreaming.

Floral Rugs

They are proud to present their artisan-made rugs - each is home-crested and twisted for heft, beautiful brilliancy and elusive color so patterned rugs should be your first choice. Regenerating the look of Turkish Oushak carpets, the rug features stylized botanicals in deep, rich hues. Shedding of loose fibers is normal and is a natural culture of the process used to make our high-quality handmade wool rugs.

Floral Area Rugs

The colors of this inviting design are brown and light blue. It's an ideal addition to contemporary rooms or rooms that mix styles. All rug fibers experience some shedding or pilling. This is characteristic of all fine wool rugs and is not considered a manufacturer's defect. Contributing factors include the yarn type and the manufacturing process. Machine-made rugs shed less than hand-made rugs. Synthetic fibers shed slightly less than wool yarns. The winding, slinky design of this rug keeps today's popular decor colors in mind. It features moss spa blue, ivory and gray.

The rug has a golden beige background that contrasts with the deep sky-sea blue petals of its floral design. The outermost line of the petals is a slightly enhanced texture in chocolate brown color. The colors in this rug include mushroom, blue, tan, ivory, chocolate, gray blue, beige, dark rose and mocha. The rug features richly textured cut and loop pile for a pleasing visual sense of dimension and movement. Smooth ribbons chip at their way throughout the design, making it perfect for any casual-contemporary design scheme. Subtly crafted with a combination of wool and viscose, it adds an indulgent element to any room setting with its elegant luster and buttery-soft feel.

Feast your eyes on Themed Rooms' electric assortment of kids patterned rugs! The designs are not for the feint of heart; they all pack a high-impact punch and they make exciting accents. Patterned kids rugs come in custom sizes; make them small, large or mix sizes of the same design. With children's pattern rugs, you get designs that kids never tire of looking at. Stimulating patterned rugs for kids come in cool pattern styles, tasty cherry motifs, flirty floral, extreme action sports, faux cheetah pelts, new wave bubbles and aviation motifs. Shop pattern kids rugs sporting skulls, rocket ships, dinosaurs, hipster tidal waves, ladybugs, bunnies and butterflies. If you like to create, don't miss the monogrammed rugs where you can custom-choose the rug color and up to three accent shades.

Patchwork Cowhide Rugs

This vibrant rug features flowers and butterflies in pink, hot pink, yellow, pea green and red. Chic rugs bring flower power to a whole other level, combining fresh, exciting and bold floral patterns with a cutting edge look that is modern enough to appeal to even today's most design-conscious and recognizing young people. Since these children's rugs are all either hand-tufted or hand-hooked of 100% polyester or wool, each Chic rug is masterfully designed to bring a unique and stunning look to any room. Boasting bold color schemes that include astonishing blues, subtle, fresh greens and a striking palette of pinks, chic rugs go good with a broad assortment of different kinds of interior decor. Complement a sleek, modern look - or give a more subdued style a bit of an edge - by laying down a chic rug. Add in natural stain resistance and chic rugs are a natural choice for any young woman’s room.

Plaid Rugs

Generally, Surya rugs are strong, vibrant, and transform the blank canvas of an ordinary floor into a focal point sure to make a long lasting impression. Surya rugs are available in traditional patterns and modern styles that will boost the tastes of every purchaser. Whether you want a machine made or hand crafted patterned rugs, Surya makes the perfect rug that will luxuriously enhance your room. This is available in many shapes and sizes so that you are sure to find a beautiful rug that fits your room and choice. Designs from surya rugs have been covering floors for more than thirty years and provide timeless beauty that will bring your room indefinitely cute. Brighten your room with beautiful patterned rugs and bring your décor to life and freshness!