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Rugs have an expression of wide variety of hallway and stairway runners. Stay in our site and find the perfect runner to accent your home. Our selection of hallway and stair runners includes wool runners, synthetic runners, as well as a combination of both. Be sure to read our tips on measuring for stair runners. We recommend hiring a professional installer to perform the work and take the measurements. However, measuring for hallway and stair runners can also be an easy do-it-yourself project! View our extensive line of runners today!

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Nothing accents a space quite like a beautiful stairway or hallway rugs runners. Here manufacturer offers many great rug runners by the foot so they are always the perfect fit; see for yourself today. An unusual collection of traditional Persian designs, with a distinctive antique Herbal Wash TM look. This exceptional styling results from a major advancement in yarn and weaving technology, creating a look previously available only in much higher-priced, handmade wool rugs. Woven with nylon fiber, with a soft 100% woven backing.

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The Southwestern rug offers bold colors and design at an affordable price. Highly durable, soil and stain resistant, this rug is the perfect choice for active households. The main Benefits consist of these, Magnificent & Highly Durable Olefin Pile Carpet, Beautiful Colors and Design Add to your Décor, Expertly Woven on Jacquard Looms, Can be used as a Wall Mural with proper hanging, Resistant to Soiling, Stains, and Fading. Enjoy the beauty and durability of these runner area rugs in your home today. Just click one of the many different rug designs below and select "runner" from the shape options. All of our rugs are made with quality in mind. Adorn your home with a runner shaped rug and give your decor lengthy, long-lasting appeal. For even more rug shape options to complement your distinctive decor, shop our wide selection of Half-Round Shaped Rugs, Square Shaped Rugs, Oval Shaped Rugs.

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Decorating with area rug runners, or simply "runners," is one of the easiest ways to revitalize, update, improve and create a truly unique feel in the rooms in your home. Rug runners can turn a drab room into one full of color and shapes. Or you can use runners to create a focal point or define an area of interest. Rug runners can add warmth to otherwise cold tiles, stone or concrete floors. Runners will protect hardwood floor or wall-to-wall carpeting. And the right runner can tie together all of a room’s décor elements. And the best place to shop for runners is Rugs Direct. We are the nation’s leading source for area rugs. We offer you thousands of choices in a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes and themes. We provide free shipping to the contiguous United States, a 30-day risk-free in-home trial and an incredible 150% price match policy. At Rugs Direct we guarantee your satisfaction! So when you are in the market for a runner, always think of Rugs Direct.

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Rug runners are extremely versatile and can serve numerous purposes in your home. Whether you are decorating your family room, hallway, play room, bedroom, kitchen, basement or patio, there’s a runner that is right for you. Unlike wall-to-wall carpet, which is normally best kept rather neutral, runners can bring colorful patterns, designs and shapes into your room without overwhelming it. Plus, unlike carpeting, rug runners can be changed with the seasons – or your mood – and are yours to keep should you move. If you are lucky enough to have wooden floors in your home, runners are the perfect compliment. With a little care your wooden floors will last forever. They don’t collect allergens the way carpet does, are easy to clean and provide a perfect background for a beautiful runner. But even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting you can still use runners. Simply place them in high-traffic areas to protect the carpet or use rug runners to express your individuality. You can even put smaller runners on the walls to create an interesting display!

Of course, runners are the perfect choice for decorating a hallway or stairs. In most homes there is nothing more attractive than a beautiful, long runner draped down a long, wooden staircase. There is no official definition of what a "runner" is. The term is used to describe any rug in which the length is much longer than the width, usually by a ratio of three to one or greater. The most popular runner dimension is five to one, that is, the length is five times greater than the width. Runners are the second most popular shape for area rugs, next to standard rectangles.

Stair Runner Rugs

Not all runners have squared-off ends. You can find some very attractive and interesting rugs runners with rounded corners and some in the shape of an elongated oval. This gives you a tremendous amount of design options. Plus you will find that almost any style of traditionally shaped area rug has a complementary runner in the same colors and patterns. So no matter what the shape of the area you are decorating, you're sure to find a runner that will enhance the space.